Divorce in Ohio above national average

| Sep 15, 2011 | High-Asset Divorce |

New statistics are in about divorce and marriage in Ohio. According to a JournalNews analysis, Ohio is slightly above the national average for divorces. Out of every 1,000 people, 9.5 men and 10 women divorce in Ohio. However, many lawyers indicate the number of people inquiring about a divorce is steadily increasing. Some attribute the dichotomy to the economy, pointing to the fact that bad economic times make divorce a more difficult option.

An Ohio clinical social worker and family therapist said the sense is that the economic crisis has left many individuals without the funds to seek the divorce they want. Also, the bad financial times have forced many couples to work two jobs each just to pay the bills. On one hand, it leaves little time or money to obtain a divorce. On the other, it actually contributes to the desire for a split because the couples are spending so much time working.

As for marriages, Ohio is a bit below the national trend with 19.9 men and 15.4 women out of every 1,000 getting married in the state. The southern and western parts of the country have the most marriages at 19 out of every 1,000. They also have more divorces at 10 for every 1,000. If one wants to play the averages, North Dakota seems a good bet, with high marriage and low divorce rates. Overall, individuals are marrying later and staying married longer.

All the statistics in the world are no help to someone who is simply ready to throw in the towel. Whatever the reason, once a determination is made to seek a divorce, it is best done the right way. Law and procedures often seem intimidating and confusing. An Ohio attorney experienced in handling divorce settlements and litigation may provide some backbone at that time..

Source: The Oxford Press, “Butler County bucks trend as divorces decline,” James Sprague, Aug. 29, 2011


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