Ohio spousal support may be reviewed by the court if needed

| Oct 7, 2012 | Spousal Support |

When a person in Ohio seeks to make a change in the amount of spousal support that they receive, they may petition to the court. However, making the change can be difficult. Spousal support is determined at the time that a divorce is final. Changes to the amount owed are rarely made other than in cases of extreme financial difficulty or discovery of evidence in direct contrast to financial documents submitted to the court at the time of the divorce.

In one recent case, a woman petitioned for a court to review her spousal support because her ex-husband had not been meeting certain payment obligations. At the time of their divorce, the man in this case was ordered to pay approximately $8,000 per month in total to his wife. This number includes not only the spousal support payment but also a second mortgage payment, taxes and health insurance for his former wife.

The ex-husband in this matter asserted that he had an income of about $12,300 per month, though his monthly income was listed at $9,500 in one court document. The man argued to the court that he could not continue to pay the amount ordered with his salary.

The couple in this case has stated that they have reached a resolution in the spousal support matter, though it has not yet been finalized. It is also stated that they are continuing to negotiate other matters. When an Ohio couple finds that they are in a similar situation and would like to have their spousal support agreement reviewed, it may be beneficial for them to consider requesting the assistance of a legal professional. Doing so can help them to reach a conclusion, equitably and objectively, about whether spousal support should be modified.

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