Ohio alimony settlements may benefit from proper planning

| Jan 4, 2013 | Spousal Support |

When a person in Ohio decides that they wish to file for a divorce from their spouse, there can be many important items to consider. One report indicates that some individuals may benefit from planning for the future before filing and waiting until after the busy holiday season. Such efforts may result in a better settlement for alimony, the authority says.

Because people in Ohio and elsewhere tend to react emotionally when they find out that their spouse is planning to seek a divorce, waiting until the holidays are over may be a financial savior. This, the authority says, is because a spouse who has recently been served with a divorce notice may seek to use family credit cards or assets to make purchases that they might not otherwise have done. In addition, waiting until after the holidays can help to keep the already emotional time be less stressful for all involved.

As a person plans to file for divorce in our state and elsewhere, the same authority says that an individual should create a complete picture of their financial lives. By doing this at the end of the year, the individual can obtain year-end statements for all accounts which can be used during the divorce negotiations. In fact, by using the statements and other financial documents, a person can enter into negotiations for alimony payments better informed and likely to receive a better settlement.

Going through a divorce can be stressful for everyone in our state. However, when ending a marriage is inevitable, it can benefit an individual to plan for the event. With such planning, settlements for property division, alimony and other issues can be made more easily and fairly than might otherwise be possible.

Source: Reuters, “Considering divorce? Good reasons to wait for January,” Geoff Williams, Dec. 21, 2012


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