Ohio divorce can come from many issues, including alcohol use

| Feb 27, 2013 | High-Asset Divorce |

As readers in Ohio know well, there are many reasons that a couple decides to end their marriage. For some, issues such as money or child rearing may lead to the end of a marriage. Others, though, find that the lifestyle factors of one spouse, such as the heavy drinking of alcohol, can lead to a divorce.

According to a recent study, if both spouses are light drinkers, they are less likely to get a divorce than those who consumed a larger amount of alcohol. This may come as little surprise to readers that have gone through the divorce process. In fact, the study suggests that couples with one spouse who drinks heavily may have a higher chance of ending their marriage than others.

Researchers say that it is important for a person to consider the alcohol consumption of their future spouse before getting married. If not, a person may find that they are incompatible with their spouse over the issue of alcohol use. The study showed that the excessive use of alcohol or other drugs is linked to domestic abuse, which can significantly increase the likelihood of a divorce.

There are many reasons that people seek to end their marriage in divorce. In some cases, the use of alcohol or drugs contributes to the issues that a couple must face. When that is the case, a person may do well to seek information about the laws in Ohio that apply to his or her particular situation as the marriage comes to an end.

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