Unexpected reasons many Ohio couples divorce

| Mar 30, 2015 | Divorce |

Life is not always easy. Things come up that test our ability to cope: illness, natural disasters, the loss of a job. Some crises specifically affect marriage.

Everyone knows that things like infidelity and abuse can lead to divorce, but other life events often put a serious strain on marriage — even things that would seem to bring spouses together.

For instance, Yahoo Health recently reported, having a child together is a common source of marital strife. The article cites a study published in the Journal of Family Psychology, in which 67 percent of couples reported a drop in marital satisfaction within three years of their child’s birth. Of course, this does not always lead to divorce, but becoming a parent can be a struggle for someone living with anxiety or depression, and in many cases divorce is the result.

On the other end of life, when the last of the kids moves out of the house, many couples find they no longer feel intimate toward each other. In other cases, the couple was simply waiting for the kids to grow up before getting divorced. Either way, older people are getting divorced more than ever before.

Perhaps more surprising reasons for divorce are traumas. We would all like to think to imagine that if we or our spouse became seriously ill, the healthy spouse would rally to care for the sick spouse, and the marriage would become stronger than ever.

In fact, many marriages fail because of the strain caused by an illness, if the caretaking spouse resents his or her role or does not provide care to the ill spouse’s satisfaction. Similarly, undergoing a trauma like a serious crime together drives many couples apart, rather than together. To move on, they may need to get the spouse out of their lives.

There are many reasons why someone may decide to get a divorce, but the legal process is the same no matter what. An experienced divorce attorney can guide you through that process.


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