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New regulations on child support and incarceration

Unlike some other states, Ohio does not consider incarceration "voluntary unemployment" and deny inmates the right to file for a child support modification on those grounds. On Dec. 19, the Obama administration issued regulations that will require all states to allow this modification.

Child support and extra expenses

Standards for determining child support obligations in Ohio and other states are typically based on issues such as parental incomes and the number of children of the marriage. Custodial parents might find that their child support payments fall far short of the amount needed to adequately care for their child. In such a case, the costs of even basic activities and supplies might be shouldered by them. Paying for extras can be challenging if support amounts are inadequate.

Child support rules for inmates may be changed

Ohio parents may be interested to learn that the Obama administration plans to use its final weeks to modify the legal child support obligations for prisoners. According to critics, the practice of forcing prisoners to pay while they locked up and unable to work often causes them to end up with crippling debts.

Is child support ever too much?

Ohio residents often hear about high profile divorce cases in which the custodial parent is accused of wanting or receiving too much child support. However, most people are not aware that unless the parents come to an agreement about the amount, they have little say over how much will be awarded if the courts get involved, since courts use a formula set forth in guidelines that vary from state to state.

Paying for private school using child support

For some Ohio parents, sending their children to a private school is a must in order to provide them with the best education possible. However, paying for private school as a single parent can be very difficult due to the cost. If the child lives with one parent following a divorce or separation, the custodial parent may be able to seek additional funds from the non-custodial parent in order to help with these costs.

Man ordered to pay child support for child that isn't his

Responsible noncustodial parents in Ohio are happy to pay child support, as long as the payments are set at a fair amount -- and the children receiving the payments are really theirs. But due to arguably arcane paternity laws in some states, occasionally courts order people to pay child support for children with which the “parent” has no blood relation.

Can I have child support orders modified?

A lot can change in the lives of parents and children over time: People move, change or lose jobs, get promoted, suffer serious injuries or illnesses, divorce and get remarried. With all that can change, there are some situations in which long-term agreements like orders for child support need to be reassessed and changed.

Ohio agency nears goal of 70% back child support collected

For many custodial parents in Ohio, getting the noncustodial parent to pay child support on time and in full is a constant struggle. State and county authorities work hard to enforce child support orders, and their efforts are paying off, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

How do Ohio courts calculate child support?

When it comes time for divorced, separated or unmarried parents to determine how much the noncustodial parent should pay in child support, Ohio law tries to balance the children’s needs with the parent’s ability to pay. There is a formula that family courts use to come up with a child support dollar figure.

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