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How do you handle an intangible like 'goodwill' in divorce?

Few couples in Ohio going through divorce are likely to make it through the process without some emotional upheaval. The severing of a relationship of any kind is painful. The dissolution of a marriage involves dynamics that make the emotional impact that much greater.

Tricky financial plan didn't stop $4.5 billion divorce award

The 147th richest person on the Forbes list of billionaires -- once the 79th -- made a lot of his money in the potash mining industry, leading to the nickname of the “fertilizer king.” Today, he is estimated to be worth $8.8 billion, but that net worth could change just a little bit if the divorce settlement granting his ex-wife $4.5 billion and million-dollar real estate properties is finalized.

Conscious uncoupling is more of an approach, not a legal process

In a family law blog, one would be remiss to avoid discussing a new phrase that has caught national attention, raised some debate and probably even caused a few eyes to roll. We’re talking about conscious uncoupling; something that Gwyneth Paltrow recently announced she would be doing.

Why not take tradition to the end of a marriage?

A marriage ceremony is where friends and family gather to witness the union of two people that they love. At this ceremony, those in the crowd and standing behind the bride and groom are there in a show of support. They are there to share in the happiness of the couple. Then, at the reception, everyone celebrates the couple’s new future.

Beware of 'get divorced quick' schemes offered in Ohio

In today’s fast-paced world there are a lot of commercials for products that involve getting something done quickly and inexpensively. These may include a “get rich quick” investment venture, a “finish your degree faster” program or even a “get a quick divorce” proposal.

Divorce study delves into the two forbidden dinner topics

If someone were to ask how one has a successful dinner party in this day and age, the response might be to avoid talking about religion and politics. They are two hot-button subjects that tend to spark debate when individual opinions vary. Avoiding them and “talking about the weather” is a way to minimize the risk that tension will arise or that tempers will flare.

Assets hidden during an Ohio divorce can be discovered

Uncontested divorce has grown in popularity over the past several years as more couples try to save money, want to work together for quick resolution or for a number of other reasons. Although these alternatives involving mediation and collaboration have grown, these processes are not for everyone.

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