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Does divorce always come with surprises?

Divorce can be the occasion for some unpleasant revelations. For example, a spouse may have assumed that there were no secrets regarding marital finances. However, when approaching divorce, a spouse may find that he or she needs to become a detective in order to properly inventory the assets of the marital estate.

Many factors can affect spousal support decisions in Ohio

You don't hear the term "alimony" used very often these days. While it has long been associated with divorce, and most often referenced disparagingly by ex-husbands because they were the ones who usually did the paying, the divorce environment has changed so much that the term just doesn't seem to work anymore. Enter the concept of spousal support.

Avoiding retirement derailment in divorce takes proper planning

You've been married for decades. For the sake of the family one spouse stayed home and the other worked. Throughout all that time, you pursued a solid financial plan that included contributions to some form of account with the expectation it would provide for you both in your retirement.

Ohio program aims to help delinquent parents pay child support

Paying child support can be a very difficult obligation for some parents. Often, we read about parents who ignore their responsibility or actively avoid making payments for one reason or another. They may do this in protest or as an attempt to punish the other parent.

Star doesn't show up for court, ordered to pay spousal support

Many couples who marry in Columbus are fairly similar. They have similar backgrounds, they have similar jobs and they have similar incomes. For many people in the area, they are contributing roughly equal amounts to the household's income. This is not always the case, however, and there are some cases in which spouses have drastically different incomes. Should they divorce, one spouse may be ordered to provide spousal support to the other.

Alimony keeping you from getting remarried? You may not be alone

The U.S. Census Bureau is the one-stop shop for finding data that helps identify trends across the country. A recent analysis of the data shows that cohabitation may not just be for the younger generations. In fact, the choice to live together but unmarried is increasing at a rapid pace amongst those in the baby boomer generation over the age of 50.

Illness can be hard on a relationship, what about in a divorce?

There are a lot of reasons why a relationship may end. In some cases, a spouse may be able to say “that was the moment I knew” and in others the divide may occur over time. According to a recent research study, chronic disease is one of those factors that can take a toll on a marriage, and it likely doesn’t happen all at once.

Spousal support: let me count the ways... it can be paid that is

At bridal showers, there is a piece of advice that is often given to the bride-to-be. That piece of advice is that marriage is about compromise. Each family is unique, different from another, and each family makes these compromises in their own way. For some couples, this compromise means one spouse might put their career second to the other spouse’s -- or give it up entirely.

Divorce in the technology era adds new factors

Whether already considering divorce or not, for one woman a single action by her husband was simply the unforgiveable deed that led her to file her divorce papers. While there is no doubt that there were some private issues in the relationship already, when her husband sent explicit texts and accompanying photos to many of her work contacts the issue became a public matter.

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