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Ohio Domestic Relations Summit focuses on family law procedures

Ohio residents have likely heard the old saying that you "don't need to reinvent the wheel." It would be considered needless effort to completely redesign something that already works, but it certainly doesn't mean that you never improve it. Let's face it, modern tires are likely much more efficient than the original model.

Ohio divorce may benefit from careful planning and asset review

The costs associated with ending a marriage are both financial and emotional. Though the emotional aspects can be hard to prepare for in many cases, the financial stress may be somewhat easier to avoid. This is because, according to one recent report that may be interesting to our Ohio readers, planning can help limit the costs and debts that are accumulated during the divorce process.

Ohio property division includes negotiations and compromise

Going through a divorce in Ohio means discussing many issues with a soon-to-be former spouse. These include the property division that must occur when a marriage ends. In many cases, these negotiations can become contentious when spouses disagree about who should own what asset after the divorce.

Divorce increasing for older people in Ohio and elsewhere

Readers in Ohio may be surprised to hear that the number of members of the baby boomer generation seeking to end their marriages in divorce is increasing. In fact, one in three boomers is currently single. In addition, some 20 percent of all divorce filings in our country come from couples that are over the age of 50.

Ohio child support can lead to penalties like jail or fines

Readers in Ohio are aware that Dennis Rodman has made headlines for years as a professional basketball player and television star. Recently he even went to another country in what some believe was a misguided attempt at diplomacy. Now, however, he is making headlines as his wife seeks to have a court force the former star to pay the child support that he owes.

Spousal Support in Ohio is mandatory if ordered in divorce

In many Ohio divorce cases, one party is ordered to pay spousal support (alimony) to the other for a period of time. Alimony is based on many factors, including the length of a marriage and economic status of the respective parties at the time of their divorce. One case regarding these issues is making headlines nationally.

Ohio child custody situations can benefit from good co-parenting

Parents dealing with child custody issues, both during and after a divorce, in Ohio know that these matters can be contentious. In fact, many couples find that they continue to fight over child custody matters such as visitation and communication well after the divorce is final. This, some authorities note, can be stressful for children.

Ohio spousal support may be reviewed by the court if needed

When a person in Ohio seeks to make a change in the amount of spousal support that they receive, they may petition to the court. However, making the change can be difficult. Spousal support is determined at the time that a divorce is final. Changes to the amount owed are rarely made other than in cases of extreme financial difficulty or discovery of evidence in direct contrast to financial documents submitted to the court at the time of the divorce.

Finding an answer to unpaid child support

Many custodial parents in Ohio know that it can be sometimes be difficult to collect court-ordered child support payments. This can be due to intentional, long-term refusal of the other parent to pay, even when he or she has the means to do so. However, nonpayment can also result from situations in which a noncustodial parent has a history of making their payments but suddenly stops. The change is often due to a significant life event such as a job loss. One state is trying to deal with these individuals in new ways to help increase the amount of child support payments collected each year.

Why Ohio divorce can be a positive decision for families

As we have said before, divorce is not an easy for choice for many couples in Ohio. The dividing of assets, especially when you have many, and time with children are just a few of the complicated issues that can give pause to a person considering ending their marriage. However, at least one authority has recently pointed out that there are an equal number of good reasons to get a divorce as there are to choose not to.

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