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Determining a good child custody plan in Ohio

Most parents want to remain in their children’s lives after divorce, and so will likely try to negotiate a shared child custody plan with their spouse. If the two sides cannot agree on custody, the parents may have to go to court and have the family law court judge decide on a custody arrangement.

With mom and dad in jail, custody of girl, 3, in limbo

Dysfunction in families is probably the rule, rather than the exception. It would be nice if things were the other way around but there's a lot of evidence to support the claim. Cain killed Abel, the Bible says. Jacob stole Esau's birthright. And there is plenty of evidence that dysfunction remains a significant element of family life, no matter who you are.

Mom's attempted kidnapping resulted in flight to nowhere

When it comes to child custody, or shared parenting as it is known in Ohio, the legal system does not fool around. This is understandable. Such plans are constructed and approved in the course of a divorce with the objective of ensuring that the best interests of the child and protecting parent-child relationships.

New developments in deployed sailor's child custody battle

Some weeks ago we shared a story to highlight the family law issues that service people can sometimes face when they are called to duty. The case involves a Navy submariner who was facing a court summons and the threat of arrest in connection with a dispute related to child custody of the sailor's 6-year-old daughter.

Service members and child custody: what to do during deployment?

There are a number of men and women in Columbus who are in the military and, even though we are sending far fewer people to fight overseas these days, a number of these military members remain deployed. Though many of these deployed service members hope to come back to their families and pick up where things left off, that is, sadly, not always what happens. There are a number of major family upheavals that some members of the military return to, including divorce and child custody issues.

Ohio fathers want shared parenting arrangements

At one point in time, if parents divorced in Columbus, a father was effectively out of his children's lives. Perhaps he would see them on the holidays or maybe he would get a weekend or two with his children, but the general assumption was that the children went with the mother following a divorce. Really, the only time that the father would have custody instead of the mother was if she was unfit to care for the children. Now, however, more and more fathers are demanding shared parenting arrangements and a fair amount of time with their children.

How is custody handled when mom returns from active duty?

Military service has often been seen as a man’s role, but more and more women are joining the military every day. In fact, 15 percent of the nation’s current active forces are women. Many of these women are not only members of the military, but they are also mothers. The dual role creates unique child custody challenges for these mothers and their families.

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