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Child Custody Archives

Women's rights activists take issue with abortion testimony

When a couple with children gets a divorce, a child custody arrangement will be determined. Some couples may determine their own workable agreement, in which case a judge only needs to approve it. In other cases, a couple may not agree and a judge can approve a parenting plan proposed by one spouse. A judge also has the authority to make his or her own determination.

Parenting time matters for filling out a FAFSA

Preparing for college is an exciting time for both parents and children in Ohio. Opening that first acceptance letter, touring campuses and shopping for dorm room extras are only a few of those fun experiences. Of course, there are few things that can seem a little bit daunting. Saying goodbye is one of these things, and filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is often a frustrating event.

In vitro plays role in custody separation of fraternal twins

In our Columbus Divorce Law Blog, we recently wrote about in vitro fertilization and how courts might interpret the parental rights of donors in child custody cases. Donor rights are not the only factor that might complicate child custody conversations involving artificial insemination.

Shared parenting tips for back to school time in Ohio

It's that time of year again when somewhere around 60 million children go back to school across the country. While parents often mention their appreciation over sending the kids back to school, getting the ball rolling can also provide a few headaches. 

In vitro fertilization: What parental rights might a donor have?

In California, an actor is fighting not just for a chance to have a relationship with his child but for acknowledgment that he has parental rights at all. His plight is one that is more common across the nation than one might think. Parents in Ohio could face this issue as well.

Co-parenting run like a business can be profitable

If everything could be described as perfect in a relationship between two people, they most likely will not be seeking a divorce in Ohio. The truth is that a couple chooses to divorce because something isn't working between husband and wife. Often, there are strong feelings of hurt, betrayal, frustration or anger between the two.

Ohio child custody sometimes leads to battle for parents

A couple seeking to end their marriage in divorce in Ohio often finds that there are many issues that must be negotiated as the process proceeds. For some, these negotiations include child-related matters such as child custody and support. These can be among the most contentious matters that separating spouses face as they work to end their marriage.

Grammy winner reportedly divorcing wife

Recently, some celebrity divorce news has arisen. The news regards musician and producer Dan Auerbach. Auerbach is one-half of the rock group "The Black Keys." In the recent Grammy Awards, Auerbach won the Grammy for Producer of the Year and "The Black Keys" won multiple Grammys (including the award for Best Rock Album).

Ohio child custody decisions consider what is best for children

The maturity of children to make their own decisions about custody matters may be a question that is addressed in a new bill that was recently passed in another state. The bill, which may be of interest to readers in Ohio, would allow kids as young as 14 to assert opinions in a child custody case. This legislation could change how such matters are decided for some.

Ohio child custody situations can benefit from good co-parenting

Parents dealing with child custody issues, both during and after a divorce, in Ohio know that these matters can be contentious. In fact, many couples find that they continue to fight over child custody matters such as visitation and communication well after the divorce is final. This, some authorities note, can be stressful for children.

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