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Usher and his ex-wife continue to battle of child custody

It seems like we hear about celebrity divorces and other family law issues almost every day. They plaster the covers of tabloid magazines in the grocery store checkout aisle and often make it into the major news networks. Because of the publicity that surrounds these individuals, their lives can seem so far removed from those of regular couples in Ohio. However, celebrity couples must come to agreements on all of the same issues. In fact, singer Usher is now in litigation with his ex-wife over child custody arrangements.

International relocation can pose serious child custody problems

Many people who go through a divorce in Ohio know that child custody can be a contentious issue. With which parent a child lives is one of the most emotional decisions that many couples face during a divorce. Child custody decisions can sometimes be reached by negotiation between the parties, but when they cannot agree, a court steps in and determines what it believes is in the best interests of the children.

Parent relocation can lead to child custody dispute

Ohio residents know that child custody can be a contentious issue in even the most amicable of divorces. In many child custody disputes, both parents simply want what they believe is in the best interests of the children. The problem, of course, is that they often have differing views on just what that means.

Tragedy leads to child custody battle

Ohio readers recognize that the custody of a child is an emotional issue in every divorce or separation in which children are involved. Parents want what is best for their children, though they often disagree as to who should have primary child custody. An unusual case currently being contested has pitted a biological mother against the stepmother of a 6-year-old boy.

Midwestern state could see major child custody changes

More states are focusing on parenting time, and Ohio residents may be interested to learn that one state is considering a law that would mandate nearly equal child custody time in some divorce cases. Unless there is evidence of child abuse or one parent causing substantial damage to a child, each parent would be awarded at least 45 percent of time as custodian of the children if the proposed legislation were to pass and become law.

Baby boy in child custody dispute after mom tries to sell him

In a Florida case that Ohio residents may well find disturbing to say the least, a mother from the Miami-Dade area was recently charged with the crime of attempting to sell her own child. Allegedly, the woman had made arrangements to sell the baby boy to a man for $7,000. She is currently in jail on charges of illegal adoption, but readers of this blog may be particularly interested in the child custody battle that has resulted from this situation.The 8-month-old baby boy is now the subject of a dispute between two men who are vying for custody. One of the men is the boy's legal father and husband to the mother -- although the two do not appear to live together anymore as he currently lives elsewhere with his girlfriend. The second of the two men, who lives in Key West, is purportedly the boy's biological father.

Obesity a child custody issue for one Ohio family

Parents in Ohio who have faced child custody decisions or disputes know how complex such cases can be. Courts take many things into consideration when deciding who will be awarded custody of a child. Recently, child obesity has become a deciding factor in whether a parent is awarded custody -- or, as in a recent case, loses custody.

Couple has to put in work to regain custody of child

Child custody cases can be complex, and sometimes discouraging. Ohio residents may be aware that on Nov. 28, a homeless couple last reported as living with Occupy Dallas demonstrators returned to court to work toward regaining custody of their infant son. Although they will not spend Christmas living under the same roof, the parents will likely see their son because the judge granted temporary custody of the child to a friend of the parents. The judge presiding in the case gave the parents special instructions: Over the next month, they must take parenting classes and submit to random drug testing and counseling. The Department of Child Protective Services cited issues of neglect when it took custody of the couple's 9-month-old son earlier this month. A CPS spokesperson said that the baby's living conditions were an issue, as was the mental health of the mother.

'Runaway Mom' and husband finally divorced

Ohio residents may remember the woman from Xenia who made national headlines as the "Runaway Mom." She gained notoriety when she disappeared on April 17, 2010, after a day of shopping and was found five days later in a motel on the East Coast with her new boyfriend. The pair had left behind their respective spouses and the woman's then 1-year-old daughter. Now, the woman is back in Ohio and she and her now ex-husband have to share custody of their child, as the couple recently was able to conclude a divorce.

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