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Parents' miscommunication alters custody arrangement

One of the most important things that divorced parents who share custody of child must remember is to keep the lines of communication open. Confusion can cause mix-ups that could land people in jail or lead to them losing custody.

Divorce in Ohio above national average

New statistics are in about divorce and marriage in Ohio. According to a JournalNews analysis, Ohio is slightly above the national average for divorces. Out of every 1,000 people, 9.5 men and 10 women divorce in Ohio. However, many lawyers indicate the number of people inquiring about a divorce is steadily increasing. Some attribute the dichotomy to the economy, pointing to the fact that bad economic times make divorce a more difficult option.

Ohio marriages on the decline while divorce rates still climb

The summer months in Ohio are usually considered the prime "wedding months" for many betrothed couples. The holiday engagements soon transition into the lovely summer weddings. However, there are some changes in the marriage trends that are being noticed. Young people are more apt to get married at an older age than previous generations. Some of them are trying to get their careers established first, while others are choosier in finding the "right" person in order to avoid going through the heartbreak of a divorce.

Ohio rocker Peter Frampton to divorce

It is very common for celebrity divorce to capture the attention of the media - and today another story has hit the radar. Rockstar Peter Frampton has now filed for divorce from his wife, Tina, after 15 years of marriage. Frampton currently resides in Indian Hills, Ohio.

Ohio mother could face child custody obstruction charges

Emotions can run high when couples decide to separate. Trying to keep a cool head and working with your representation to try and achieve your goals is really the best course of action, but that does not happen in every instance. An Ohio man, for example, fell victim to a poor choice born of passion when his wife took their four-year-old son and fled the area for over a week.

La dodger's divorce settlement voided

When two people in Ohio or anywhere in the U.S. decide to divorce, it can be very stressful for both parties. In cases where a couple shares valuable assets, divorce can result in a costly legal battle to divide their collective wealth. The Los Angeles Dodgers owner could be heading back to court after a TV deal that was set to be a major factor in his divorce settlement fell through.

Twitter and divorce: does online infidelity count?

Social media websites are under scrutiny recently for their part in marital breakdowns. After the high profile case involving Representative Anthony Weiner, many people are asking if using the internet to connect with another person sexually or emotionally is grounds for divorce. Ohio legal and relationship experts do not think that it is.

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