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City councilman’s divorce turns ugly, wife wants money for lawyer

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2011 | High-Asset Divorce

Divorce is often a nasty business, but when it comes to the division of assets, stress levels can multiply. For some reason, when couples involved in a divorce face the division of money and belongings, things become more heated. Couples in Ohio who are facing the same circumstances may find comfort in the fact that they’re not alone. A Peoria, Illinois, Fifth District City Councilman is currently engaged in a bitter divorce and is struggling with the division of his and his estranged wife’s financial assets.

According to a Journal Star news report, the couple’s separation has turned ugly. And, given the fact that the family is in the public eye, things have become that much more complicated. The news report speculates that the councilman’s divorce is likely the most publicized “marriage meltdown” the area has seen. The pair is scheduled to appear in court midmonth in a case that will likely address the councilman’s wife’s request that her ex-husband pay for her legal representation.

Reportedly, she is self-employed and earns a meager income while her husband operates on two salaries; one from Volt and one from the city. To add insult to injury, the couple is well-known in the area because of a domestic squabble that took place last year. The man’s wife believes that his position as a political officer in the city could affect a judge’s point of view, especially after one judge recused himself because of a personal relationship with both parties.

The contention over money and public opinion has turned the councilman’s divorce into something of a media spectacle. He and his ex-wife remain engaged in a bitter battle over assets, as well as their own personal issues with one another. Given the chaos and tension associated with the divorce, qualified legal counsel has been sought on both sides. People in Ohio who are facing similar circumstances may find benefit in securing legal counsel who has experience in publicized separations or high-asset divorce.

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