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Civil Litigation


Above all else, the attorneys at Mowery Youell & Galeano, Ltd., are trial attorneys. We handle jury trials in state and federal courts, bench trials, arbitrations, summary trials and administration hearings before organizations such as the Ohio Civil Rights Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

We litigate all types of civil law cases, including:

  1. Divorce and child custody issues
  2. Personal Injury claims
  3. Employment law cases as counsel for employers
  4. Sexual harassment, race discrimination, age discrimination
    and other discrimination claims as counsel for employees
  5. Contract disputes, including breach of contract claims
  6. Construction disputes involving claims between homeowners
    or commercial property owners and contractors

Columbus Civil Litigation Attorneys

Our confidence in our ability to achieve negotiated settlements in civil disputes comes from our track record of success in the courtroom. Our lawyers have obtained some of the largest plaintiff verdicts in employment law cases in central Ohio. Opposing counsel know we that are lawyers who go to court to win cases. This enables us to negotiate from a position of strength.

That said, we would never encourage litigation where it was not warranted, or where the opportunity for making a recovery does not justify the expense. At the beginning of your case, we help you make an economic assessment of your litigation. In the end you will make all decisions about your case, but we make sure those are informed decisions.

For more information, contact a trial attorney at our firm. From our office in Dublin, we represent clients throughout the Columbus metro area and central Ohio.