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Race Discrimination Has Not Gone Away

At Mowery Youell & Galeano, Ltd., our lawyers stand up for the rights of employees who have been discriminated against because of their race, color or national origin. With more than 30 years of experience handling these matters, we know how to navigate the challenges that can arise to get to the truth and to get compensation for the victim.

Racism In The Workplace Today

Our Columbus race discrimination attorneys understand that it is far less likely today that racism in the workplace will be as blatant as it was in the past. Few cases involve people being the target of racial epithets and bigoted statements. However, racial discrimination may present itself in the form of rude comments about someone’s accent.

More often than not, race discrimination in today’s workplace is subtle. It is indirect. It may come in the form of bias in a company’s hiring tactics or in the way a company chooses which employees to promote or provide pay increases to. Members of certain races may be singled out for disciplinary action or wrongful termination.

Proving Race Discrimination

Proving that race discrimination took place can be challenging, particularly when the discrimination is indirect. One of the common strategies we use is to compare the treatment of different employees across racial lines. For example, if a Hispanic employee was terminated for a violation that white employees have committed without repercussions, that may be evidence of racial bias in the workplace. We know how to find the necessary evidence to prove racial discrimination and pursue a successful claim.

To discuss a race discrimination claim, contact an attorney at our firm. From our office in Dublin, we represent clients throughout the Columbus metro area and central Ohio.