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Frankly, we do not meet most family law clients through a website. We meet them because we have been personally recommended by friends, colleagues and family members who came to us and appreciated the quality of our representation.

Why are we recommended so often? It is because we earn the trust of every individual client by prioritizing his or her needs. When you come to us for help with a family law matter, we understand that it is because you have encountered a tumultuous situation such as a divorce or marriage dissolution. Meeting your needs is not about pushing you further into turmoil, but building a bridge over it so you can cross unscathed and go forward.

Divorce, Marriage Dissolution And All Related Matters

For more than 40 years, our Dublin, Ohio, family lawyers have built a reputation for successfully guiding individuals through divorce as well as all related matters, including:

  • Divorce and dissolution: Navigating the end of a marriage involves numerous steps, whether you are ultimately able to proceed with an uncontested dissolution or need to litigate certain issues to achieve your divorce.
  • High net worth divorce: These are divorces that involve significant marital assets, including situations where one or both spouses own or have a share in a business. This also includes many “gray divorces,” where couples are in or approaching retirement.
  • Asset and debt division: Asset and debt division is the process of fairly distributing all the property and liabilities acquired during a marriage. We assist clients in identifying and valuing assets, such as real estate and retirement accounts, while also addressing debts like mortgages, loans and credit cards. We also help clients understand the difference between their separate property and debts and their marital property and debts.
  • Child custody, support and parenting plans: These can be contentious issues in any divorce involving minor children. We make sure that our clients can protect their relationships with their children through appropriate parenting plans and that they either pay or receive the right amount of support based on the child’s needs.
  • Financial implications of divorce: Understanding the financial implications of a divorce is not easy, particularly when there are retirement or pension plans involved. We help clients understand how to use their retirement benefits to negotiate a better divorce settlement or how to make sure they receive their fair share of any available funds.
  • Spousal support/alimony: Spousal support can even be temporarily awarded before the actual divorce, but it takes skill to make sure that you are paying or receiving the correct amount.
  • Post-divorce modifications: Even once a divorce is over, it may be necessary to pursue modifications due to geographical relocations or changes in a child’s need for support.

We are a full-service family law firm that can meet all of your needs in this area.

Complex Family Law Issues

From our law office in Dublin, we have made a name for ourselves in the Columbus metro area and throughout central Ohio for our attorneys’ ability to accurately handle the most intricate family law issues. These issues are more likely to occur when a case involves a business owner, a professional or someone with substantial income or assets.

We help our clients protect assets such as small businesses and retirement accounts during the divorce or marriage dissolution process. However, we believe in the value of foresight and planning. Even if divorce is only a remote possibility, we can assist with planning steps. We can provide family business protection and retirement asset protection strategies to ensure that this property is protected in a divorce.

To discuss your family law issue, call us at our Dublin offices at 614-467-4923 or send us an email.