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Representing Whistleblowers

Two major laws apply to whistleblowing cases: the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Ohio Whistleblower Statute. If you are an employee with reason to blow the whistle on an employer, you must choose an attorney who understands these complex laws and how they apply in your situation. At Mowery Youell & Galeano, Ltd., we have more than 30 years of experience working with whistleblowers. We will protect your rights as you do the right thing and help you get any compensation you may be entitled to.

Talk To An Attorney Before You Blow The Whistle

There are detailed requirements in terms of notification when whistleblowing. Failure to follow these notification requirements can leave you unprotected. You cannot simply complain about your employer’s wrongdoing. You cannot simply report the matter to your boss. There are steps you need to take and our Columbus, Ohio, whistleblower lawyers will make certain they are taken to optimize your protection.

Retaliation Against Whistleblowers Is Illegal

If you follow the whistleblowing process correctly, retaliation by your employer is illegal. Unfortunately, it still may happen. Whistleblowers may find themselves overlooked for promotions, demoted, disciplined or even wrongfully terminated. If you did not follow the proper steps when blowing the whistle, addressing the issue may be challenging. Even if you did, it is important that you choose an experienced attorney to make certain that matters are resolved as quickly as possible so you can move forward.

To discuss being a whistleblower, contact an attorney at our firm. From our office in Dublin, we represent clients throughout the Columbus metro area and central Ohio.