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Representing Physicians In Contract And Discrimination Matters

Contract Review

Most medical providers today are employees, not self-employed, and thus they are subject to employment contracts like many other employees. A great deal can be at stake in these contracts, including noncompete and nonsolicitation clauses. Physicians, especially those starting out in their careers, should have these contracts reviewed before signing them to look out for disadvantageous clauses that might be problematic in the future.

Mowery Youell & Galeano, Ltd., reviews physician contracts and recommends changes when appropriate. Reviews are prompt and comprehensive, including a comprehensive analysis of compensation and benefits. We can tell you how your proposed compensation package compares to the market.

We are usually able to improve contract language without antagonizing the hospital or clinic making the offer.

Unlawful Discrimination

Health care professionals experience discrimination like every other group. There are still institutions that treat protected groups differently from other employees. Providers are discriminated against on the basis of national origin, gender, race, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age and disability.

Discrimination may take the form of pay inequity, assignment to less desirable locations or units, unequal benefits, or retaliation or wrongful termination following a complaint. Cases can include charges of defamation and intentional interference with business relationships

Representing Providers Throughout The Columbus Metro Area And Central Ohio

We represent the spectrum of health care providers, including primary care physicians, subspecialists, medical residents, international graduates, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nursing staff. Our firm also represents caregivers in whistleblower and breach of operating agreement cases.

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