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Solutions For Problems In Employment Law

Employment law for employers is often about preventing problems before they arise. Our lawyers serve mostly smaller to midsize businesses that want to avoid the distraction and expense of litigation.

We assist in developing policies and procedures while training managers to avoid behaviors that can be construed as discriminatory or creating a hostile work environment.

We represent employers in both litigation and administrative inquiries. With some clients, we effectively serve as in-house counsel on human resources matters, addressing problems as they arise.

Employers constitute about one-fourth of our employment law clients.

Employment Law For Employees

Employment law for employees is a bigger part of our practice, because many individuals feel they were not treated fairly by employers. We handle discrimination cases, but we are also involved in noncompete and nonsolicitation cases, contract reviews, and issues that arise in the public sector. Our clients include executives, managers, professionals, CPAs, health care providers (including nurses) and sales representatives

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