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Negotiating Acceptable Shared Parenting Visitation Schedules

Protecting the parent and child relationship is often the driving concern in a divorce. At Mowery Youell & Galeano, Ltd., our attorneys appreciate that the goal is not simply to maximize the time a parent has with the child, but to make certain it is quality time. Most parents would agree that a few hours spent directly interacting with the child is better than a full day in which contact is limited to bringing him or her to and from school or day care. We want to get you the time you need to nurture your relationship with your child.

How Shared Parenting Works

The term child custody is no longer used in Ohio. Parenting time is preferred. What some states refer to as joint custody, is referred to as shared parenting here. In shared parenting, both parents participate in the physical and legal care of the child. That does not mean that parenting time is split 50/50, although that is possible in some cases. More likely, there will be a residential parent whom the child lives with and the other parent gets visitation rights.

Extra care needs to be used when there are distances involved. Our Columbus shared parenting lawyers have more than 30 years of experience addressing all issues, including cases involving long-distance relationships between parents and children.

Working With The Guardian Ad Litem

A guardian ad litem is typically appointed by the court any time there is contention between parents over child custody issues. The guardian ad litem’s job is not to represent either of the parents, but to make certain that the interests of the child are protected. We understand the role of the guardian ad litem and know how to work with the appointed person in these cases.

To discuss shared parenting visitation schedules, contact an attorney at our firm. From our office in Dublin, we represent clients throughout the Columbus metro area and central Ohio.