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Identifying And Locating Hidden Assets

Many times in divorce proceedings, one spouse is concerned or has reason to believe the other is not fully disclosing his or her assets. At Mowery Youell & Galeano, Ltd., we take great care to ensure that no aspect of your divorce is overlooked and that nobody is being misled as to the existence of assets or the value of those assets. This is important not only in divorces, but also in dissolutions, considering there is no formal discovery aspect.

Identifying Attempts To Hide Assets

We work with you and the right experts to find hidden funds. Over the course of more than 30 years handling divorce cases, we have seen the full range of attempts to conceal assets. In many cases, these attempts can be uncovered by utilizing the skills of a forensic accountant and reviewing account statements to follow transfers. More often than not, attempts to hide assets involve funneling personal assets into businesses. You want an attorney who understands financial statements, but even more importantly, the law.

Often spouses also transfer assets to family members and friends. Some may even try to physically hide cash or property. Rest assured, our Dublin asset disclosure lawyers have the experience to uncover hidden assets.

Identifying Attempts To Undervalue Assets

Having earned a reputation for handling high-asset divorce cases, our attorneys are attuned to making sure the appropriate supporting documentation is provided to address real estate and business assets. We are also able to use this information with experts to identify attempts to undervalue property and to help us ascertain the value of certain property. Our attorneys understand that fair property division requires an accurate accounting of assets and their value.

To discuss asset disclosure and concealed assets, contact an attorney at our firm. From our office in Dublin, we represent clients throughout the Columbus metro area and central Ohio.