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Prenuptial agreement shows reality-TV celebrity is a smart cookie

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2011 | Property Division

All too often, female reality show celebrities and socialites are dismissed as “dumb.” That generalization has repeatedly been proven a lie by a good number of actresses and chanteuses who have their lawyers draw up prenuptial agreements. The latest one to do so is reality-TV celebrity Kim Kardashian; she demonstrated aforethought by signing a prenuptial agreement with her NBA star husband. It goes without saying that all of us here in Ohio should take this decision as seriously as she seems to have.

Although Kardashian’s husband (basketball player Kris Humphries) is a multimillionaire, his wife’s personal net worth of approximately $35 million is about four times greater than his. The prenuptial agreement – commonly called a ‘prenup’ – also affords protection to other members of the Kardashian family who may be in joint ventures with Kim. It is safe to presume that with a ten-million-dollar-plus fortune of his own, Humphries had no second thoughts about signing the prenup.

Divorce is almost always painful and sometimes heart-wrenching, but it is a fact of life for about half the couples in our country. A prenuptial agreement not only safeguards both husband and wife, it can spare separated spouses months of bitter squabbling if the possibility of divorce unfortunately eventuates. Property division, division of marital assets, and various other mathematically-defined sections make up the typical prenuptial agreement.

Though Ohio is in the stolid Midwest and is very unlike Los Angeles, this state’s couples are not immune to divorce. If divorcing spouses have signed a prenup like Kardashian and Humphries, then much of the work is already done; if not, then property division must be attended to during divorce proceedings. The sad fact is that in the bitterness and acrimony of some divorces, at least one spouse is frequently unwilling to cooperate. In such situations, a divorce attorney’s guidance and negotiation skills are invaluable in safeguarding your property from an ex-spouse or securing for you the fair share that you deserve. The realm of divorce law is extensive and complex; hence some attorneys actively specialize in, and are adept at, all property division issues.

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