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‘Starsky and Hutch’ actor faces child support lawsuit

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2011 | Child Support

Child support is an important issue to many Ohio residents, especially those receiving it and those obligated to pay. When a non-custodial parent owing child support also happens to be a celebrity, nonpayment could result in more than a trip to court. The famous person may end up having to defend his or her actions in failing to honor a child support order before a judge and also before the court of public opinion.

Paul Michael Glaser, the actor who played David Starsky in the television hit “Starsky and Hutch,” was sued earlier this year for failure to pay back child support. The amount claimed due by his ex-wife exceeds $3,000 and Glaser is said to owe an additional $13,000 in spousal support. A new claim was just made against the actor, alleging he has not paid his $11,000 share of his 13-year-old daughter’s educational fees.

The ex-wife apparently believes Glaser is willfully avoiding his child support obligations. She alleges he has spent almost $13,000 playing golf in the last six months, while accruing the arrears for which she now seeks payment. Unless a settlement is reached, the court will proceed to hear the dispute and decide the appropriate course of action.

Whether in Ohio or Hollywood, child support obligations are treated seriously by the courts. Failure to pay can result in various enforcement measures and even arrest in some circumstances. Ultimately the goal is to ensure the child or children receive the financial support necessary for their upbringing, including health and education. In Ohio, an attorney devoted to helping people involved in legal disputes concerning child support and other family law matters may offer some guidance and help work toward an equitable and fair resolution of all outstanding issues.

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