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‘Runaway Mom’ and husband finally divorced

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2011 | Child Custody

Ohio residents may remember the woman from Xenia who made national headlines as the “Runaway Mom.” She gained notoriety when she disappeared on April 17, 2010, after a day of shopping and was found five days later in a motel on the East Coast with her new boyfriend. The pair had left behind their respective spouses and the woman’s then 1-year-old daughter. Now, the woman is back in Ohio and she and her now ex-husband have to share custody of their child, as the couple recently was able to conclude a divorce.

The woman says that she and her boyfriend drove from Ohio to Florida for a fresh start. Since then, her then-husband filed for divorce in Ohio, accusing his wife of neglecting her duty as a parent. In her filing, the woman sought sole custody of the couple’s daughter, as well as child and spousal support.

The divorce case was put on hold in March for paternity testing, following the birth of the mother’s second child. A test was required to exclude her ex-husband as the child’s father. The divorce concluded with a shared parenting agreement concerning the daughter.

No information was available about child support obligations or which individual was considered the primary custodial parent. This case underscores how complex divorce in Ohio and elsewhere around the country can be. Anyone facing divorce, child custody or spousal support issues could benefit from consulting with an Ohio attorney fully experienced in family law and procedure. The lawyer could be able to assist in negotiating a fair and impartial agreement that keeps the child’s best interests as the top priority.

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