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November 2012 Archives

Spousal support in Ohio may require a QDRO

Ohio readers who have gone through the divorce process know that for some couples there is a need for one of the spouses to receive spousal support. In many cases, the spousal support is ordered as a part of a final divorce decree because one of the former spouses is unable to economically support themselves alone. This order is common, especially for those who have had long marriages.

Ohio may find child support case of man with 25 kids interesting

A man has recently gained fame as the father of 25 children. The story may be familiar to some in Ohio, as the man, who resides in another state, was ordered to court to address the reason why he has failed to pay much of his court-ordered child support. In fact, many of the mothers of the man's children appeared in court to assert that they had only been paid small amounts of child support in recent years.

Starbucks Baristas Receive $14.1 Million for Improper Tip Sharing

A recent decision by the 1st Circuit of the United States Courts of Appeal provides a valuable lesson to restaurant and food service companies who engage in tip sharing. Recently, the First Circuit held that shift supervisors had managerial responsibility thereby making them ineligible to share in tips under a Massachusetts statute. While Starbucks argued shift supervisors did not qualify as managers under the statute because they devoted up to ninety percent of their time performing the same functions as baristas and did not have authority to hire, fire, or discipline, the Court found that the statute indicated that the sharing of tips was only permitted among those with "no managerial responsibility."

Ohio property division a challenge for some empty-nesters

The issues facing couples that are considering a divorce in Ohio may be different for those with young kids as opposed to those who kids are grown. With younger families, couples must often consider child custody and support questions. However, for empty nesters the discussions often center around property division in a divorce.

International property division battles difficult in Ohio

As we have discussed before, many couples find that the division of property is among the most contentious areas in Ohio divorces. This can be especially true in cases where one of the spouses is a non-citizen of our country. In fact, one authority claims that if the property at issue is located in another country, the local spouse may have difficulty gaining an equitable property division agreement in a divorce.

Ohio child custody situations can benefit from good co-parenting

Parents dealing with child custody issues, both during and after a divorce, in Ohio know that these matters can be contentious. In fact, many couples find that they continue to fight over child custody matters such as visitation and communication well after the divorce is final. This, some authorities note, can be stressful for children.

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