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Grammy winner reportedly divorcing wife

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2013 | Child Custody

Recently, some celebrity divorce news has arisen. The news regards musician and producer Dan Auerbach. Auerbach is one-half of the rock group “The Black Keys.” In the recent Grammy Awards, Auerbach won the Grammy for Producer of the Year and “The Black Keys” won multiple Grammys (including the award for Best Rock Album).

Recently, an article on Us Weekly’s website reported that Auerbach and his wife are in the process of getting a divorce. The article did not have much in the way of details on the divorce, such as where in the divorce process Auerbach and his wife currently are.

A divorce can give rise to many important and complicated issues. Sometimes, divorcing couples reach settlements resolving such issues. Other times, such issues end up having to be resolved by a court. What resolutions are ultimately reached in regards to such issues can be very impactful on all of the parties involved.

One of the issues that can arise in connection to a divorce is child custody. Child custody will be a factor in the divorce of Auerbach and his wife, as the couple has a minor child (a 4-year-old daughter).

Another issue that can come up in connection to a divorce is how property will be divided between the divorcing couple. Given the success Auerbach and “The Black Keys” have been experiencing, it seems likely that the divorce between Auerbach and his wife will be a relatively high-asset divorce. Thus, property division could be a major issue in this divorce.

One wonders what will happen in regards to the issues of child custody and property division in the divorce between Auerbach and his wife and what resolutions will ultimately be reached in regards to these issues.

Source: Us Weekly, “Dan Auerbach, Black Keys Frontman, Splits With Wife Stephanie Gonis,” Feb. 11, 2013