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Divorce in the technology era adds new factors

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2013 | Spousal Support

Whether already considering divorce or not, for one woman a single action by her husband was simply the unforgiveable deed that led her to file her divorce papers. While there is no doubt that there were some private issues in the relationship already, when her husband sent explicit texts and accompanying photos to many of her work contacts the issue became a public matter.

According to the divorce papers, the woman was the head of a nonprofit organization that managed a historical site in the state. When her husband found text messages and photos that were of a sexually explicit nature, the anger arising from a presumption that infidelity was at hand prompted him to forward the messages to a large handful of her cellphone contacts, many of which were coworkers and other prominent individuals.

Now, not only is the woman’s reputation in jeopardy, but her job is as well. Her role as an overseer of the historical site run in large part with government funds makes her somewhat of a public figure. The Senator in that state has discussed the sticky situation between a job tied to a government relationship and a private relationship that ends up overriding the issues that need addressing. Some people have even asked for her resignation over the matter.

While this issue arose in Texas over the Alamo, it could happen anywhere. For those in Dublin, Ohio, considering divorce, they may wonder what effect this type of situation could have on determinations such as spousal support or property division.

What if a technology snafu such as this one does cause the spouse to lose their job, will it be considered during alimony determination? If I’m the spouse who lost their job as a result of the other spouse’s actions, can an award address the income change? What if it is the other way around?

This is the type of situation that shows just how complicated a divorce can quickly become. Protecting financial interests under complicated circumstances is exactly why a spouse should consult an experienced divorce attorney.

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