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Why not take tradition to the end of a marriage?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2014 | High-Asset Divorce

A marriage ceremony is where friends and family gather to witness the union of two people that they love. At this ceremony, those in the crowd and standing behind the bride and groom are there in a show of support. They are there to share in the happiness of the couple. Then, at the reception, everyone celebrates the couple’s new future.

What if the details in the picture of that happy future change for the couple, and they decide to divorce? Do we, as their friends and family, stop providing that support we promised to the couple on their wedding day? The answer for many is probably no; we’ll likely support them in this new transition too. Why not celebrate the end of the marriage? Some couples say “I do!”

More and more couples are throwing a party to celebrate the end of a marriage or the beginning of being single. The motivation behind throwing a divorce party may not always be the same, and some bakeries that cater to these individuals understand that sentiment.

Bakeries are now providing some creative cakes that take one wedding tradition usually reserved for the “I do” to the “I don’t.” There are different themes to fit the different divorce party motivations. These include everything from freedom to revenge and even humorous parodies of common stereotypes.

Like many other trends, pictures of these cakes can be found on the popular social media site for images known as Instagram.

Need a divorce planner? While they won’t plan the party, an attorney can help Ohio residents come to a divorce settlement that will help set them up for their new future.

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