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Man says ex-wife’s insulting alimony checks affect his health

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2016 | Alimony

Following divorce, many former spouses remain cordial, even friendly. Though the divorce itself was painful at times, often exes are able to maintain a relationship, if only for the sake of the children.

Then there are people in Ohio who are left with feelings of bitterness and anger. They seek ways to lash out at their ex. This often takes the form of child custody and visitation disputes, with the children sadly caught in the middle.

An unusual lawsuit in New Jersey appears to be the latest salvo in an especially vicious divorce. A man there is suing his ex-wife for writing insults on the alimony checks she sends him.

As part of the divorce decree, the man receives weekly alimony checks for $186. He says the checks regularly include insults in the memo line, such as “bum” and “loser.” A copy of a check included in an article by shows a handwritten reference to “alimony/adult child support.”

Due to these comments, the man alleges, he has suffered physical and emotional distress. He says he suffers from cancer and unspecified heart ailments that his ex-wife’s insults have exacerbated.

For her part, the ex-wife says she also has cancer, and that her case is terminal. Divorce filings indicate that she sought divorce to escape “drunken bouts” with her ex-husband.

Alimony, also known as spousal support, can be controversial, but it is a vital lifeline for many divorced people who suddenly find themselves without financial resources. Many divorcing couples are able to negotiate an alimony arrangement. Other times, a spouse must ask the judge to order alimony.