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Alternatives to divorce litigation

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2016 | Divorce

Many Ohio residents who experience a divorce greatly suffer emotionally as well as financially. However, couples facing divorce have alternatives besides litigation that could result in a low-stress and successful separation.

One alternative is the collaborative divorce. In a collaborative process, various professionals help the couple to get through divorce with as little emotional stress as possible. A lawyer represents each spouse, and a mental health professional is present to assist the entire family. A financial advisor is also on hand to help the couple come to an agreement regarding their assets.

Uncontested divorce is another option that allows couples to avoid litigation. As long as couples are willing to work together to evenly divide their financial assets and custody issues, this alternative can be much quicker and less costly than litigation since just one lawyer will do the work instead of two.

A further option to litigation is mediation, which is becoming more popular. Although there is the expense of two or three lawyers who may become involved in this option, it gives couples the chance to work out their differences through an experienced mediation attorney. The big benefit of this option is that it can be much less time consuming than litigation.

Serious family matters such as a marriage dissolution and divorce can become complicated and expensive when the couple has trouble settling issues involving child support and custody, alimony, and assets. Even couples who do not have high assets may find themselves involved in a bitter and emotionally charged litigation process that could take months to resolve. For these reasons, many couples who desire to end their marriage as peaceable as possible turn to a lawyer for guidance.