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5 things to avoid when preparing for divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2022 | Divorce

You tried talking with your spouse, and you tried marital counseling. Neither worked. It seems now that divorce is the only option.

It is time to prepare for the inevitable. Organize your thoughts, organize your documents and understand that planning your divorce requires some crucial steps. It also includes not subscribing to certain behaviors and acts that could prove detrimental.

No procrastinating

Here is a list of five things not to do when preparing for a divorce:

  • Give away or sell assets: Doing so likely raises suspicion. Some of these assets may be marital assets. Selling them also may be an attempt to hide assets. Such a move also may be considered “financial fraud” in an attempt to reduce the value of your estate as well as minimize child support and alimony costs. A judge will recognize your dishonesty.
  • Procrastinate: If you know your marriage is no longer working, rip off the Band-Aid. If you are miserable now, that misery may likely grow. Promptly gather financial documents and tax records. Delaying your divorce may affect your financial and emotional well-beings.
  • Fight: You already had many arguments leading up to this point. More fighting likely leads to arguments over petty things – the ones that have little significance in your life. These heated discussions may escalate, leading to trouble. Focus on the divorce.
  • Air details and grievances on social media: Such acts may seem therapeutic to you, but social media is not the place to discuss a sensitive and pending court matter. Whatever you post online may be used against you in court. A judge will not look kindly on such a move. It may be a good idea to declare a social media moratorium while your divorce is pending.
  • Attempt a do-it-yourself divorce: The temptation is there because it would save money. However, so many issues must be addressed. Overlooking certain details related to parenting time, division of assets, child and spousal support may come back to haunt you. Mistakes are likely with a do-it-yourself divorce. It is a good idea to retain a skilled family law attorney.

Any of these actions may harm your standing when going through divorce.

Remain civil and seek guidance

Going through a divorce is likely new territory for many people. That is why a careful approach is necessary when preparing for one. Do your research, remain civil, seek guidance and avoid mistakes.