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Can a divorce coach take the place of a divorce attorney?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce coaches use their training to help you maintain positive mental health and navigate your new lifestyle during and after a divorce. With this kind of help available to you, it might raise the question of whether or not your divorce coach can replace a divorce attorney in guiding you through this turbulent time.

Divorce coaches have their training in therapy or psychology, not law. By understanding how this distinction affects you, it will be possible to make a better decision regarding your divorce coach and divorce attorney as well as the role of each.

Why do you need a divorce attorney and a divorce coach?

If you choose to work with a divorce coach, you still need a divorce attorney to help you overcome the legal side of the process. While a divorce coach can help you decide if splitting up is the right choice and come to terms with that decision, an attorney is necessary for handling the practical matters at hand. An attorney with an understanding of divorce law can facilitate successful mediation of divorce terms and is particularly crucial in advocating for you if your divorce is especially contentious.

What are the benefits of a divorce coach?

Psychologists explain that hiring a divorce coach not only helps you in making a decision but also in coming to terms with it and navigating life afterward. Divorce coaches can also provide guidance in the sensitive matter of explaining the situation to your children. While your divorce attorney can offer a certain amount of aid in this regard, a divorce coach possesses the specific skills for the task.

A divorce coach cannot take the place of a divorce attorney, nor is the opposite true. While these two professional fields might overlap, both are necessary for unique reasons.