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Can My Spouse Spy On Me During Our Divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce can be a time of high tension, especially when the parties are not on the best of terms or when one individual is particularly malicious. In some cases, a spouse might even resort to spying in an effort to get the upper hand in the divorce or simply to exercise control over the other person.

Spying is a highly invasive and unsettling act, and it may even be illegal depending on the circumstances. If you suspect that your spouse might be spying on you during your divorce, it is important to understand the methods they might use and the actions you should take in response.

Is My Spouse Using Technology To Spy On Me?

Unfortunately, the accessibility of powerful technology makes it easier and easier to spy on someone with each passing year. Your spouse might use smartphone technology, GPS trackers, or other gadgets to monitor your movements and activities. The reason for these intrusive behaviors may be to collect evidence your spouse can attempt to use against you in your ongoing divorce case.

What Can I Do About An Invasive Spouse?

You should notify your legal team immediately if you suspect that your spouse is stalking you or spying on you in any way. You can then set about collecting evidence of spying activity that may be relevant to your divorce case, and the court might even see fit to issue an Order of Protection.

Be aware that some examples of spying, while intrusive, might not be strictly illegal. Even so, you have options for defending your rights and your privacy.