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Why divorce may lead you to reassess your retirement savings

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce can change a person’s life in many ways. One area that often requires careful reassessment is retirement savings.

The dissolution of a marriage in Ohio can bring about changes in income, expenses and overall financial stability, prompting individuals to reconsider their retirement goals.


The median household income in Ohio is $66,990. That can drop after a divorce. With the separation of assets and possible spousal support or child support payments, individuals often find themselves with less money. This income shift can directly impact the amount of money available for retirement savings, necessitating a closer look at one’s financial strategy.


Divorce not only affects income but also alters the structure of expenses. Individuals may now be solely responsible for housing, utilities and other costs they previously shared. They must identify areas where they can make adjustments to ensure that saving for retirement remains a feasible and realistic goal.


The division of assets during a divorce can have a lasting impact on retirement savings. Individuals may find themselves receiving a portion of their ex-spouse’s retirement accounts or other assets. Understanding the implications of these divisions, including tax considerations, is important for making informed decisions about how to manage and allocate these resources to secure one’s financial future.


For those who relied on a joint retirement strategy, divorce may necessitate a period of rebuilding. Catching up on retirement savings becomes a priority, and individuals may need to reassess their timeline for retirement. This process may involve setting new savings goals, considering investment strategies and exploring opportunities for more income to compensate for lost time and resources.

By carefully examining their retirement savings goals, individuals can navigate the challenges of divorce and embark on a path toward a secure retirement future.