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Twitter and divorce: does online infidelity count?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2011 | High-Asset Divorce

Social media websites are under scrutiny recently for their part in marital breakdowns. After the high profile case involving Representative Anthony Weiner, many people are asking if using the internet to connect with another person sexually or emotionally is grounds for divorce. Ohio legal and relationship experts do not think that it is.

Weiner, who has felt the sting of scandal recently after accidentally posting an inappropriate photo of himself on his Twitter page, is one of many people in the modern age who have used the internet to make sexual contact with another person. He has denied having any physical contact with the women he was communicating with, but he admitted that they exchanged emails and Facebook messages of a sexual nature. According to relationship and legal experts, even though his behavior might not be grounds for divorce, it could be a contributing factor in the proceedings.

A relationship coach offered her views on the role of the internet in the breakdown of marriages. She said that infidelity is an issue for around half of the couples she is counseling, and that many of the cases involve the use of technology. She hopes that couples view online indiscretions as a relationship ‘red flag,’ but she says that marriages can often be salvaged before physical infidelity occurs.

Online infidelity alone will not be a deciding factor in Ohio divorce cases. In the case of Weiner, while the photo he posted is not evidence of adultery, it could be used as evidence of irreconcilable differences in a divorce case. With the use of social media websites is becoming more and more prevalent, instances like this will become increasingly more common. And it could well be the case that social networking sites will be cited more often in divorce proceedings. While not grounds for divorce, it is likely that the use of the internet will have an effect on divorce proceedings in the future.

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