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Ohio mother accused of parental kidnapping

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2011 | Child Custody

A child should be able to feel safe and secure when he or she is with the members of their family. Unfortunately, many times when a child is abducted, it’s by a member of their own family. That is what happened to a little boy from Ohio, who is just 15 months old, and who was the victim of parental kidnapping.

An amber alert was put out for the little boy when the boy’s grandmother discovered him and his biological mother missing. The grandmother allowed her daughter to stay in the house Thursday night. She then woke up to find her and the little boy missing due to a parental kidnapping.

The grandmother had been given child custody of the little boy. She said that her daughter called her after her arrest in Orange County, Fl. The grandmother of the little boy wasn’t sure whether or not her daughter was telling the truth since she was prone to lying.

The biological mother accused of parental kidnapping of the little boy is currently in Florida and being held on a bond of $50,000. It’s expected that she’ll be sent back to Wood County, Ohio. The original bond was $25,000 but it was increased.

It’s hard on any parent when they lose custody of their child. But parental kidnapping is not the way to go about trying to change child custody. In Ohio, the court always considers the best interests of a child before approving a child custody order. The stability of a parent is a key factor that judges take into consideration. Failing to demonstrate that one is a suitable parent will affect the decision in any child custody case.

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