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Ohio mother could face child custody obstruction charges

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2011 | Child Custody

Emotions can run high when couples decide to separate. Trying to keep a cool head and working with your representation to try and achieve your goals is really the best course of action, but that does not happen in every instance. An Ohio man, for example, fell victim to a poor choice born of passion when his wife took their four-year-old son and fled the area for over a week.

The man and his wife were discussing separation and the talk had recently turned to child custody. The man told reporters that despite their decision to separate, he believed his wife would protect his son at all costs and he did not consider her a threat to the child.

The young boy and his mother disappeared on June 9. Residents of the area believed that she and her young son had been victim to a tragedy and held a vigil on their behalf. During that same day, Newark, Ohio police made the announcement that the woman was no longer believed to be missing.

Instead, an investigation had revealed that she had very likely left the area willingly. Investigators found missing money, a few neglected financial obligations and a to-do list that contained a series of activities to help her stay hidden. Police also located a series of letters she had written to say goodbye to those closest to her.

However, on June 19 the woman returned home with her son in tow. Police say that she had run out of resources and contacted police in Maine. The authorities in Newark were notified and the woman returned to Central Ohio. Police now say that the woman could face charges for obstructing child custody proceedings, theft, and causing panic.

The man in this case is undoubtedly relieved to know the whereabouts of his estranged wife and son. As of now, there has been no indication on the effect, if any, that the woman’s choice will have on future child custody proceedings, but her decision to go on the lam will likely not do her any favors. Once again, the best course of action even in emotional situations like deciding child custody is to express your wishes to your attorney and allow him or her to work for them on your behalf.

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