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Ohio marriages on the decline while divorce rates still climb

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2011 | High-Asset Divorce

The summer months in Ohio are usually considered the prime “wedding months” for many betrothed couples. The holiday engagements soon transition into the lovely summer weddings. However, there are some changes in the marriage trends that are being noticed. Young people are more apt to get married at an older age than previous generations. Some of them are trying to get their careers established first, while others are choosier in finding the “right” person in order to avoid going through the heartbreak of a divorce.

The divorce rate has been steadily climbing over the years. Many young people today come from blended families or perhaps their parents never opted for marriage. These singles remember what it was like to be raised by two separate households and the emotional struggles of being a child of divorced parents. As a result, more individuals are taking their time before taking the plunge.

In Licking County, the marriage versus divorce rate has shown an increase in  divorces, as compared to the state average. The same county also is showing a decrease in marriage license applications.

One theory is that more couples are waiting to get married due to the difficult economic times throughout the country. Postponing the wedding until the household finances are more stable, in favor of organizing a dream wedding is becoming a more common trend.

Never-the-less, the divorce rate throughout Ohio and the rest of the nation continues to climb steadily. If you are now faced with the difficult task of maneuvering through the obstacles of divorce, contacting an attorney experienced in divorce law can provide you with answers and options to your specific situation.

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