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Cop accused of rape now fighting for custody of child

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2011 | Child Custody

It’s not very common for a child custody case to make national news, unless of course the child in question happens to be related to a currently notorious media figure. For example, in the case of the reported “rape cop”, many citizens of Ohio (and people all over the U.S. for that matter) have become very familiar with the specifics behind this former officers troubles.

Recently, the newly acquitted former NYPD police officer appeared in the Brooklyn Family Court, in contention with his ex-wife. As of now, the former officer maintains custody of the estranged couple’s teenage daughter. The girl, who is now 14 years old, has become subject of a bitter child custody dispute.

The child’s mother is fighting for custody, in light of the fact that her former spouse and “rape cop” defendant has been sentenced to one year in jail. His jail sentence comes as a result of his official misconduct during his recent trial. The couple’s saga reads like something from a paperback novel and the woman believes that if her ex is allowed to go free again, he will become a danger to young women.

Given the sordid details of this couple’s child custody case, most Ohio residents will agree that the court should do everything in its power to ensure the best interest of the child. Legal representatives, on the side of the mother, will likely make every attempt to advocate and fight for the child’s well-being.

People who may be facing similar circumstances will find that legal counsel, knowledgeable in family law as it pertains to child custody, is typically the best way to ensure a child’s best interests are observed and honored in the courtroom.

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