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November 2011 Archives

'Runaway Mom' and husband finally divorced

Ohio residents may remember the woman from Xenia who made national headlines as the "Runaway Mom." She gained notoriety when she disappeared on April 17, 2010, after a day of shopping and was found five days later in a motel on the East Coast with her new boyfriend. The pair had left behind their respective spouses and the woman's then 1-year-old daughter. Now, the woman is back in Ohio and she and her now ex-husband have to share custody of their child, as the couple recently was able to conclude a divorce.

Kim Kardashian files for divorce after 10 weeks of marriage

Many Ohio residents are probably of the opinion that a lot of Hollywood marriages won't last for very long, for one reason or another. However, the marriage between reality TV star Kim Kardashian and professional basketball player Kris Humphries would seem to be abnormally short, even by Hollywood standards. After only 10 weeks of marriage Kardashian filed for divorce.

Salvaging Severance Pay After a Company Files for Bankruptcy

In today's uncertain economy, companies are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection everyday. As such, those currently employed by, or contemplating employment with, a struggling company would be wise to consider the following question: how will the severance pay provisions in your employment contract be treated in the event you are terminated before or after your employer files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection?

Whistleblowing, Public Policy, and Retaliation: Part 1 of 3

The Federal False Claims Act ("FCA") creates a whistleblowing cause of action for an employee who feels retaliated against for "blowing the whistle" on the employer's illegal activities. Additionally, Ohio has a whistleblower statute and provides protections to at will employees under the public policy laws. But what do these protections really mean? Many employees misunderstand the protections of the FCA and Ohio's laws. This post will address the protections afforded to employees under the FCA's qui tam provisions and compare it to Ohio's whistleblower statute. My next post will address retaliation for making such reports. Finally, I will discuss Ohio's public policy exception to at will employment.

Father protects daughter from abuse, held in contempt

No one denies that child custody litigation in Ohio is often an arduous process. Sometimes a litigant thinks he or she has done everything according to the law only to be told they have violated an order they did not understand. This may be the case for a Portage County father who thought he had done everything by the book, but he is now facing contempt charges in juvenile court for technically not honoring an order he thought no longer applied.

Parents' miscommunication alters custody arrangement

One of the most important things that divorced parents who share custody of child must remember is to keep the lines of communication open. Confusion can cause mix-ups that could land people in jail or lead to them losing custody.

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