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Baby boy in child custody dispute after mom tries to sell him

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2011 | Child Custody

In a Florida case that Ohio residents may well find disturbing to say the least, a mother from the Miami-Dade area was recently charged with the crime of attempting to sell her own child. Allegedly, the woman had made arrangements to sell the baby boy to a man for $7,000. She is currently in jail on charges of illegal adoption, but readers of this blog may be particularly interested in the child custody battle that has resulted from this situation.

The 8-month-old baby boy is now the subject of a dispute between two men who are vying for custody. One of the men is the boy’s legal father and husband to the mother — although the two do not appear to live together anymore as he currently lives elsewhere with his girlfriend. The second of the two men, who lives in Key West, is purportedly the boy’s biological father.

As the Key West man currently lacks proof of his claim, a judge has awarded temporary custody to the boy’s legal father. However, the Key West man has vowed to take a paternity test, which may give substance to his claim. If the paternity test comes back positive, then the judge may perhaps award him with custody or at least visitation rights.

However, in deciding a child custody dispute, there are many factors that a court will consider. In this case, the issue of who is and who is not the biological father may perhaps be persuasive, but it is not necessarily a determining factor. For Ohio residents going through a divorce with children involved, or who are otherwise caught in a child custody battle, it is often helpful to consult with a qualified attorney. By working with someone who has a deep and extensive knowledge of family law, one may be able to secure a favorable result by tipping the factors a court will consider in their favor.

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