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Russell Brand and Katy Perry sign divorce settlement

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2012 | High-Asset Divorce

Ohio residents hear about celebrity divorces almost every day. They are splashed across the covers of gossip magazines and tabloids in the grocery store checkout aisles, and even major TV news stations report on the high-profile splits. When people think of a high-asset divorce, often images of bitter disputes over millions in assets come to mind. The divorce process is drawn out, sometimes over years, as people work tirelessly to take money from each other. Rarely do we hear about a celebrity divorce in which things actually go smoothly and quickly.

However, Katy Perry and Russell Brand seem to be the exception. A few weeks ago we posted about the split between the pop star and British comedian. Reports indicated that there was no prenuptial agreement, leaving all of their marital assets up for equal division. It had all the makings of a messy divorce. The latest reports, though, say Perry and Brand amicably reached a settlement — and Brand will not be collecting anything from Perry.

According to almost every report, Perry is worth significantly more than Brand. Most sources estimate that she made $44 million during their marriage. Because they divorced in a community property state, Brand was entitled to take half of that. However, Brand reportedly did not want her money. The two also agreed that Perry would not have to pay him spousal support.

In a uniquely amicable settlement, Perry and Brand are shining examples of the fact that a high-asset divorce does not have to be messy. However, not everyone in Ohio can afford to live on their own without the income of a former spouse. In such cases, speaking to an experienced attorney may be helpful in making sure a settlement is fair for both parties.

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