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Dennis Quaid faces third divorce, wife cites personality conflict

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2012 | High-Asset Divorce

High-asset divorces can encompass many different people. Couples who divorce after decades of marriage, very wealthy people and celebrities likely come to mind. Today, we will discuss the recent news of actor Dennis Quaid’s third divorce that some Ohio residents may have heard about.

According to The Washington Post, Quaid’s wife of seven years filed for divorce citing a “conflict of personalities.” Although it is not clear exactly how much the notable actor is worth, it is likely a substantial sum. One of the most complicated issues in a high-asset divorce like this one is often property division. While most courts will do their best to arrange a fair and equitable division of assets, divorcing couples do not always agree on how marital property should be split.

Property division, however, is not the only thing the Quaids will need to consider in their divorce. The pair has 4-year-old twins, so child custody will be an important matter. Reports indicate the parents have established a temporary custody agreement before a permanent one is decided upon.

As we can see from the information available about Dennis Quaid’s divorce, he is facing the same issues that people throughout Ohio face every day in divorce proceedings. Facing these issues is rarely an easy task, but it must be done in order to get through a divorce. When going through divorce proceedings, it is very important to understand your rights and options in order to ensure a fair settlement. Doing so can help divorcing individuals feel good about their decision and make their lives after divorce feel more stable.

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