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May 2012 Archives

Lawyers say more women ordered to pay alimony, child support

In many cases when an Ohio couple files for divorce, they strive to negotiate the issues before them, including child support and spousal maintenance. As they negotiate, a complete a review of all aspects of their financial lives is typical and often involves each preparing a list of all known assets and liabilities. During the course of that review and subsequent negotiations, any disparity in income between the parties is identified and considered in conjunction with other marital issues.

International relocation can pose serious child custody problems

Many people who go through a divorce in Ohio know that child custody can be a contentious issue. With which parent a child lives is one of the most emotional decisions that many couples face during a divorce. Child custody decisions can sometimes be reached by negotiation between the parties, but when they cannot agree, a court steps in and determines what it believes is in the best interests of the children.

D.C. District Court Rules Labor Board Lacked Authority to Issue New Election Rules

The National Labor Relations Board's new elections procedures have been a concern for many employers and, despite going into effect on April 30, 2012, have been the subject of an ongoing legal challenge.  While the D.C. District Court refused to issue an injunction prior to April 30, 2012 to prevent the new rules from going into effect, the Court indicated a decision on the current legal challenge would be rendered before any representative elections using the new procedures could be conducted. 

'Real Housewives' star gets large divorce settlement

Settlements in a high-asset divorce can understandably be quite large. When a couple in Ohio or elsewhere has significant funds, the decision as to who gets to keep which assets may involve both long negotiations and court intervention when they can't agree. However, like others of fewer means, a couple confronting a high-asset divorce must work through a multitude of issues to achieve a fair result.

Unpaid Summer "Interns" May Expose Employers to Liability

The summer is a time when many students turn to a summer internship to further their career aspirations.  Many employers turn to an unpaid internship program in an effort to both allow students to gain valuable "real world" experience and permit employers to evaluate potential candidates for future positions.  However, even though they are attempting to help students, employers must be cautious that this attempt to help someone does not expose them to liability under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or Ohio Minimum Wage law. 

Alternative divorce solutions for Ohio couples

Collaborative divorce and mediation are becoming more popular for many who are seeking a divorce. The decision to end a marriage and file for divorce is a difficult one for many in Ohio. When it cannot be avoided, however, there are alternatives to the traditional litigation process to consider.

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