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August 2012 Archives

Child bearing decisions can lead to divorce in Ohio

There are many different reasons why Ohio couples considering ending their marriage decide to take the first step and begin the process. Divorce sometimes comes after a life change such as a job loss or illness. In other cases, issues such as how many kids to have or whether to have them at all can create a divide between partners. This, one authority has noted, happens in about 15 percent of divorce cases.

Can bartering factor into Ohio child support cases?

Custodial parents in Ohio know that the money that comes from child support payments can be vital to their ability to meet a child's basic needs. In fact, child support payments are intended to assist a custodial parent in providing for a child who lives with them. However, in some cases, the non-custodial parent fails to pay the support, and the financial hardship caused by this failure can be a challenge for some families.

Sexual Harassment: Defining Severe or Pervasive Conduct

On August 14, 2012, the Franklin County Court of Appeals in Susan E. Camp v. Star Leasing Co., (10th Dist. Aug. 14, 2012) 2012-Ohio-3650 issued a decision that reversed the trial court's grant of summary judgment on a sexual harassment claim.Susan E. Camp worked as an Operations Manager for her employer. She alleged that her supervisor treated her in a condescending manner by speaking to her very slowly, exaggerating the pronunciation of words, putting his hand to her face and yelling "stop," using offensive and profane language towards her, refusing to permit her to attend branch meetings, and taking away her duty of making a presentation at safety meetings.Camp complained to a number of higher level managers that her supervisor did not treat male managers in a similar manner. However, the managers did not take her complaints seriously and her morale suffered.

Stevie Wonder files for divorce, joint custody

Ohio readers will likely be familiar with the songs made popular by music legend Stevie Wonder in recent decades. Now, the singer is making news with something other than his impressive musical talent, as he has filed for divorce from his wife of 11 years. Once finalized, this dissolution will be the second for the famed singer.

Taxes and property division

Last week we talked about taxes as it related to child support and spousal support. This week, we will focus on taxes and property division. Property division is among the most important aspects of any divorce. It is not uncommon for many divorcing Ohio couples to enter into a property division agreement without thinking of the long-term ramifications that the division may have on their tax status. However, by failing to take tax implications into account, they may be exposing themselves to future financial issues.

Tax tips for Ohio couples going through divorce

Divorce can be challenging enough on its own, but throw in the financial complexities it can cause for those with high assets and the situation can become an even bigger headache. One particular complication divorce can cause comes in a form that most people probably don't think of right away: the IRS. Tax time doesn't have to be a complete nightmare for divorcing Ohio couples if they keep a few key things in mind, especially when it comes to their filing status, child exemptions, alimony and child support.

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