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Child bearing decisions can lead to divorce in Ohio

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2012 | High-Asset Divorce

There are many different reasons why Ohio couples considering ending their marriage decide to take the first step and begin the process. Divorce sometimes comes after a life change such as a job loss or illness. In other cases, issues such as how many kids to have or whether to have them at all can create a divide between partners. This, one authority has noted, happens in about 15 percent of divorce cases.

The number of those who cite the decision of whether or not to have children being a factor in ending a marriage may be higher for some high-income couples. In such cases where both partners work at high-income jobs, the question may be less about the cost of raising a child but rather the desire to parent. For some, this desire does not exist and they are uninterested in the changes that come with having children.

However, as parents in Ohio know, the cost to raise a child can be considerable for most couples. Couples who had a child in 2011 face an estimated expenditure of $234,900 without inflation over the first 17 years of the child’s life. This amount is before college, extracurricular activities and other expenses. For some, this cost is too high to consider becoming a parent.

The decisions surrounding becoming a parent are often not discussed pre-marriage. Because of this, when the question of parenting comes up after the wedding, one or both spouses can be surprised to learn how different each other’s desires really are when it comes to having kids. When the differences can’t be reconciled, some decide to end their marriage with divorce.

Divorce for any reason can present challenges to Ohio couples, however when the decision has been made, the next big step is to seek guidance on the best way to navigate the divorce process and move forward.

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