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Ohio divorce growing for long-term married couples

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2012 | High-Asset Divorce

It has long been common knowledge that the divorce rate in our country has hovered right around fifty percent. Now, some authorities are noting that the number of those seeking divorce after long marriages is increasing. In fact, it appears that the number of people ending their long-term marriages in divorce has more than doubled in recent decades.

According to one report, it is the female member of a marriage that is now more often beginning the divorce process. Like others across the nation, women in Ohio are in the workplace much more than in the past. In addition, they now have the financial independence that allows them to decide to leave a marriage rather than stay because they are financially dependent on a spouse.

However, some who are in long-term marriages in Ohio may find that the tough economic times have made it harder for many to separate or divorce. This is due to the fact that it can be difficult for some couples to afford to support two households. However, if they can support living single lives, formerly long-term married people are now deciding to go it alone in record numbers.

Regardless of the reasons that a couple decides to end their marriage in divorce in our state, it can be challenging both economically and emotionally. However, for many the challenges are outweighed by the desire to leave unhappy relationships. When this is the case, a divorce can be a good decision for both members of the separating couple and provide a new beginning for both.

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