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Ohio child support payments, when not paid, can lead to penalty

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2012 | Child Support

Readers in Ohio know that for some custodial parents of children collecting child support from their kid’s other parent can be a challenge. This child support collection challenge leads many in our state and elsewhere to seek the help of the court system to get the payments to which they are entitled. These efforts sometime end with penalties for the non-paying parent.

In one recent case that may be of interest to those in Ohio who find that they must work to collect the child support payments that they are owed, a judge made a unique order for one non-custodial parent. The man, who lives in another state, was said to owe $63,600 in unpaid child support. It is not known how many children were the subject of the child support order.

The court system in this case was able to find the non-paying dad and bring him to account for his failure to pay. The judge determined that the man was homeless and unemployed. Thus, she ordered that he get a job and a home and begin to pay $1,062 per month to the mother of his child. If he fails to pa, he may return to jail.

As is the case in such child support matters in Ohio, the man in this case was the subject of a court ordered mandatory payment plan. When he failed to pay, he was forced back to the state from which the order emanated and faced penalties for his failure to pay for the care of his child. This situation may be similar to many in our state. When an individual finds that they have a non-custodial parent who has failed to pay, they may wish to seek the assistance of a professional to guide them in their efforts to collect what is rightfully due.

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