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Ohio divorce can include property division negotiations

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2012 | Property Division

The negotiations that take place between soon-to-be former spouses in Ohio can be contentious. This is especially true if one of the spouses has committed infidelity against the other. In such instances, evidence of such an action can be used as a negotiating tool in the property division discussions.

According to one recent report that may be of interest to readers in Ohio, as many as 95 percent of all divorce matters in our state and across the nation settle during the negotiation process rather than in litigation. In these negotiations, many of the couples seeking to end their marriages negotiate the property division of their assets. However, the report notes, many property division agreements come down to a formula that takes into account factors such as the length of the marriage and value of assets of spouses.

Ending a marriage in divorce can be complicated if one of the spouses commits adultery. Though the act does not affect the outcome of a divorce in most instances, there are times when property division discussions can be influenced. For example, if a former spouse spent marital assets on the affair, the other spouse may seek to be compensated for that expenditure.

Divorce negotiations cover many different issues for couples in our state. The property division portion of these talks includes not only cash and investments, but also retirement accounts and physical property such as the family home. Because the process can be complicated for some, working to gain a full understanding of the rules that apply to a particular situation can be a benefit to many.

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